EasyWorship 6 build 5.5 + License File + 11 Offline Bibles

EasyWorship 6 build 5.5 + License File + 11 Offline Bibles

Create clean, media-rich presentations in minutes with EasyWorship 6. Now with a full Presentation Designer, you can customize fonts and themes, loop slides, and run spell check. Other features like NewTek TriCaster integration and Alpha Channel support make EasyWorship 6 the perfect solution for HD broadcast environments.

If you’re a pro user, you’ll appreciate custom looping and transitions for lobby kiosks and pre-service announcements, double and triple wide layout support for triptychs and panoramics, and transparent PNG support for logo watermarks. The Presentation Designer also allows unlimited element stacking for max design flexibility (add multiple video elements on a slide along with any number of text boxes, scriptures or songs…as long as your computer hardware can support it!)

Pro is Built-In
Now, with Alpha Channel and NewTek Tricaster AirSend support, you can make EasyWorship a part of your broadcast production workflow. Added support for Blackmagic and other popular capture devices means you can mix text over video in a professional environment without a professional budget.

Design Your Experience
The Theme Designer helps you set up design templates using the fonts, backgrounds and layouts you like best. It’s perfect for creating slides that recur every week, like announcements, songs and scriptures, without having to start from scratch each time. By taking a few extra minutes to build themes and save them to your Theme Library, you’ll ensure a more consistent look and feel regardless of who is designing your presentations.

EasyWorship Reimagined
Create an environment that works the way you think. Expand the Resource Area while you’re designing a presentation and quickly collapse it when it’s time to Go Live. Or expand a slide group in the Schedule so you can drag-and-drop different backgrounds to individual slides, then collapse your groups to quickly view the entire Schedule. A new Live Output View lets you know what the audience is seeing without a second monitor, and it can be easily resized or toggled off to give you more elbow room for larger preview thumbnails.

Broader Video Support
Import your videos like a pro, without conversion or third party codecs. EasyWorship now supports all of the most popular video formats, including MP4, M4V, MOV and WMV for faster, smoother, easier setup!

Organize Your Stuff
Similar to playlists, Collections let you group your different libraries in a way that makes sense to you. Just use the advanced search engine to filter your Songs, Media, Presentations or Themes Library by any keyword. The search is applied to file descriptions, tags and titles, allowing you to save the results locally in My Collections or share across the network.

Easily Share Data
It’s easier than ever to collaborate and manage content with other local users across your organization’s network. Share song lyrics, media, themes and presentations by setting up one or more shared databases, and easily manage multiple databases in the Profiles Manager.

Scripture Search and Reflow
Along with integrated song lyrics, searchable Bibles make EasyWorship a much more productive presentation tool than Keynote or PowerPoint. And now we’re making Bible search even better with quick lookup by keyword. Use the advanced search to filter by book, chapter, verse, keyword or phrase. Double-click on a scripture to Go Live instantly, or drag-and-drop a verse or multiple verses into a service schedule. Instead of one massive block of text, EasyWorship’s Scripture Reflow feature conveniently builds separate slides based on the settings you define.

Confidence for the Stage
– The new and improved Stage Display (also known as the Foldback Screen) is your music team’s cheat sheet. It’s an easy-to-read, stage-facing display that prompts your worship team with song lyrics and cues your team with the first line of the next slide.
– Stay One Step Ahead. Your stage musicians can see what song or video is coming next in the worship schedule.
– Screen Sync. Your worship team and choir can see what the congregation sees — even those hilarious announcement videos — without having to look at the projection screen behind them.
– Manage Service Time. Keep your service on schedule with the built-in display clock.
– Right on Cue. If you’re showing a video to the congregation, Stage Display shows a countdown timer so the worship team knows when to come back to the microphones, and so the lighting team knows when to bring the house lights back up.
– Great for Choir. Have song lyrics available to your team for musical specials while your audience enjoys a nice background image or video.


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